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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 8, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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ife after falling for the prank phone call from two radio deejays. and this evening, the new battle between the hospital and the radio station. secret passenger. what many american drivers don't know about their new cars. is there a device in your car tracking every turn, recording how fast you're driving? who gets that information? and scene stealer. something we never knew about "casablanca." why something else in the cafe is getting its moment. >> here's looking at you, kid. and good evening. on this saturday night we begin here with a new tragedy in the nfl tonight. a dallas cowboys player charged with manslaughter after police say he was driving drunk and crashed. it is the second horrible headline for the nfl in a week. tonight, that lineman for the cowboys, josh brent, is under
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arrest. his teammate, jerry brown, who was in the car with him, died in the accident. one week to the day of the murder-suicide involving jovan belcher. this evening, newly-released surveillance video of him. john schriffen on both cases. he begins here with the new arrest. >> reporter: a late night of drinking and driving leads to the death of a dallas cowboys player. his teammate now under arrest, charged with manslaughter while intoxicated. 24-year-old josh brent, a defensive lineman, was speeding down a service road in irving, texas, when his vehicle hit a curb, flipped over, killing the passenger, 25-year-old linebacker jerry brown. >> when the officers arrived on the scene, mr. brent was dragging mr. brown from the vehicle. >> reporter: this comes one week after kansas city chiefs linebacker jovan belcher killed
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his girlfriend, kasandra perkins, before turning the gun on himself at the team's practice facility. >> you were visiting somebody at these apartments? >> this newly-released video taken hours before the vicious murder shows police responding to a 911 call about a suspicious man sleeping in his car for more than two hours. >> do you live here? you need to go upstairs, dude. we're trying to cut you a break. >> reporter: according to reports, belcher was out with another woman that night before falling asleep in his bentley. five hours later, police receive another call about belcher. this time with a gun. this video shows an officer carefully approaching the suicide scene outside the chiefs stadium. >> i have cars everywhere kind of staging. i'm just trying to get an eye from afar. >> reporter: the question now, could perkins' death and
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belcher's suicide have been prevented? at 3:00 a.m., officers had no grounds to arrest him. with no signs of alcohol and not breaking any laws. sleeping in his car. >> police believe josh brent is due in court tomorrow. bond will be set. his team is expected to play in cincinnati sunday. david? >> a troubling week in the nfl, john. thank you. now to the backlash across the globe over that prank call to the london hospital wh kate middleton was staying fell for the prank, patching the tonight, we're learning more about the nurse and the new face-off between the hospital and the radio station. did they break the law? jeffrey kofman in londo- j >> reporter: ingbal deejaystion , am of the prank, joined in the condemnation. the radio deejays may have
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thought this was an innocent hoax. no one is laughing now. >> maye. my granddaughter. >> oh, yes, hold on, ma'am. >> reporter: we now know that was the nurse, jacintha saldanha. she really believed it was the que t the health cambridge. the motho, appears to have f. the deejays have been taken off the air. their boss says they're deeply shocked. he refuses to condemn them or fire them. >> this is a tragic event that could not have been foreseen. we're deeply saddened by it. >> reporter: the two presenters are being vilified in an avalanche of anger on the internet. don't suppose that prank seems so funny now, does it? today, the chairman of king edward vii hospital sent a stinging public lettee this hospitals r people and it was extremely
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foolish of your presenters to consider to lie their way through to one of our patients. the consequence, tragic beyond words. the nurseo frs jess, had been wog th four she is originam in on facebook, heaid she will be buredin tonight, attending ty function on his own, prince william did not mention the hoax or the tragedy that has followe the hospital has been advised that the australian broadcasters the station owners says but's l faced with a mounti advertisers, management has decided to pull all ads from th station un david? >> jeffrey kofman from london in enig two breaking developments. major concession for president moha he's given theor almost absolute pow
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the move to end giant crowds. the military stepping up its presence and tonight, we're also learning about a major arrest in egy benghaz nick schifrin is in cairo. nick? >> reporter: good evening. u.s. officials say this is one of the most significant mohammed gamal led a terror cell when egyptian authorities raided his safe house, shootout that ended with a massi ex he admits he's a member of the terror group that orchestrated the siege. next week, hillary clinton will testify to congress about the attack. she'll face serious questions about whether diplomats in conflict zones have enough security. u.s. officials praised egypt officen as this coutry cal david? >> nick, thank you. to syria tonight. the threat of chemical weapons
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appears to be growing. there is new proof those weapons may be in the hands of both sides. alex marquardt got inside syria where he fir he reports infom e oric' allies, great britals it had seen evidence thatria has prepared wea so far, no proof has been offered publicly at the same time, syria has the rebels could usmicl weapons, racheting up the tension in this conf fighting has gripped the syrian capital, damascus. rebels are trying to take the airport. potentially huge logistical blow to the assad regime. american officials are scared a desperate assad could use chemical weapons. and said regime forces recently prepared components of sarin gas. a highly deadly nerve agent. syria does not acknowledge having chemical weapons. said they will never be used against their own people.
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the forces are inflicting big losses thenize several of whom we met yesterday inside syria, recovering fro battle in a makeshift hospita they're yu this man is 17. next to him, a 28-year-old father of three who lost his leg and finger in the fighting. but once recovered, he told us, he hopes to rejoin the fight with his prosthetic leg. the rebels are trying to organize themselves better in order to secure funding and weapons from the outside. today, we learned a former army general has been ele head of a new military unci given the lack of coordination and organization until now, it remains very much to be seen whether a unified force can be created to bring down the assad regime. d > thank you. back in thisry a reported last the supreme court preparing to take on the issue of same-s
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tonight, the dramatic opinion in this country. david kerley has more. >> reporter: some states -- >> three, two, one. >> reporter: -- are racing to legalize gay marriage. they lined up for licenses as washington's governor certified the vote this week. >> the state with the largest margin of victory at the ballot box for marriage equality. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: that's a long way from the debate 16 years ago, leading to the defense of marriage act, defining the union as between a man and a woman. >> two mothers, or two fathers, will be okay. it will be just as good. this would be a catastrophe. >> reporter: even a new president wasn't sure. >> i've been going through an evolution on this issue. >> reporter: for most of the past decade, apose maigh but a dramatic change. more americans now, 37 to 43%
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supporting gay marriage. a trend the president then mirrored. earlier this year telling robin roberts he supported gay marriage. >> malia and sasha have friends whose parents are same-sex couples. it wouldn't dawn on them that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently. that's the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective. >> reporter: driven by younger americans, women, democrats. now nine states and the district of columbia allow same-sex unions. can public opinion drive the supreme court's decn? >> the justices are hum beings. they're oune the real question will be, do they want to be on the wrong side of history? >> reporter: an abc news poll less than a month ago shows that the majority of americans, 51, now support gay marri the justices will hear arguments we should hear them
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this su >> daehank of course, same-sex marriage and the fiscal cliff part of gge' th first thing in the morning the guests include james carville, mary matalin, and paul and no t arn i for much of the coun freeze moving in. heavy snowfalling. look at these pictures of some tough driving out there already. ginger zee doing double duty today after "gma" this morning. you pointed out to me befor we came onhe athe untwhy ke >> it's been mild and painfully dry. today, a snow-starved nation gets an appetizer. michigan, one to three inches of snow. from grand rapids to saginaw, some really beautiful pictures. a lot of folks telling me, we're ready for it. always on the roadway, a little bit of snow can be worse than a whole lot of snow. half of the nation, three, four
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years ago, was covered this time of year. 18% only. >> much dryer. and cold on the way. >> we have blizzard warnings in the plains. storm warnings through wisconsin. you can see why, the deep magenta color. that is the 6 to even 12 inches of snow. minneapolis is at an 11-inch deficit. they'll get five to eight. then the cold blast of air comes in. in the teens by monday. starting the workweek this chicago in the teens. dallas could see flakes of snow as well. >> 14 in minneapolis. we turn to a headline that caught our attention here. many americans driving new cars are now being watched by a device right in their own car. tracking the turns and the speed. and it is igniting a new debate tonight about who gets that information. here's abc's mark greenblatt
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now. >> reporter: you're probably used to hearing about black boxes helping solve airplane crashes. but lieutenant governor timothy murray found out the hard way they're in some cars t when he crashed this one, he said he had a seat belt on and claimed hewas the data recorder said he was driving unbelted and faster than 100 miles an hour. but there's a larger controversy >> there are important safety thhol' but there a who will access the information and how long will it be collected? >> reporter: the boxes tap into the electronics to track vehicle speed, air bag readiness, if you're wearing a seat belt and ore supposed to disclose that in t owne' now the government wants to make it mandatory. for every new light car and truc saying this proposal will give
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us the insi we need to a m but privacy advocatn th black boxes could turn your car into a spy for insurance companies that want ise >> ure of the vehicle controls the you safer on the rot revealing allsecr mark greenblatt, abc news, new k. >> our thanks to mark tonigh much more ahead her the controversy not over his wildly popular lyrics but over something he said years ago. his anti-american words and the question now, should he be allowed to perform for the president? polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. [ male announcer ] imagine facing
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that viral video, "gangnam style" launched south korean rap sensation psy into the spot light. the most-watched youtube video ever. tonight, his lyrics from years ago and anti-american words are causing anger here at home, just as he prepares to perform for the president. here's muhammad lila. >> reporter: call it controversy, "gangnam style." long before it sparked a dance craze, he performed at a politically charged concert in 2004 with anti-american sentiment running high after a korean missionary was killed in iraq. he sang these lyrics. kill those bleeping yankees who have been keeping them hostage. kill their daughters, mothers, daughters in law and fathers. >> if you were thinking of horrible things that could get pop stars in trouble, you would
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have a hard time coming up with worse things than this. >> reporter: many fans are reacting with fury, saying spy should not be able to headline the christmas in washington concert on sunday. the president scheduled to attend. this is not the first time an artist has courted a political controversy. but this is different. spy is so popular. his youtube video is the most watched of all time. it was social media that helped make his career. now it's social media that could break it. even after psy apologized, saying it was a deeply emotional reaction and said he will forever be sorry for the pain he caused, there are still negative twitter posts. the white house says the concert will go on and president obama will attend, saying they have no control over who performs at the concert. >> the anger is exploding. thank you to you tonight. when we come back, the image
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released from the white house. capturing a pivotal moment in american history. this was taken the night of the presidential election. president obama's challenger, mitt romney, calling him to concede. mr. romney calling mr. obama. congratulateing him. a short time after that phone call that romney and the president addressed the nation. our number tonight, $450. that's the amount thousands were willing to spend on a starbucks gift card. it's a special edition card made of steel, we're told. it was 450 bucks. it gets you $400 worth of coffee. free refills, we're told. the cards sold instantly online. we have a feeling there will be more. the video making the "instant index." so close to getting the mom to the e.r. in iowa. just feet away, in fact. the baby didn't want to wait. surveillance video shows the
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and finally tonight, here, we focus in on one of the most famous scenes from "casablanca." but it's not bogart or bergman drawing the attention. it's something else. back in the news 70 years after the movie came out. ♪ and man must have his mate that no one can deny ♪ >> reporter: it is one of the greatest romantic scenes of all time. may of '42, the flashback to paris. ingrid bergman and humphrey bogart. standing by that piano. >> the scene in which bergman and bogart are in love. they're having a wonderful time. they're happy. even though the germans are about to march into paris. it's a glorious moment. >> reporter: it was the first scene filmed. they had only met a week before. they would convince all who watched they were madly in love. right there in front of them,
5:57 pm
the 58-key piano where sam sings -- ♪ as time goes by ♪ >> reporter: and then the famous champagne toast. >> i think of it as one of the film's stars. bergman, bogart, and the piano. >> reporter: it went on to win three oscars, including best picture. what was unknown is where that iconic piano ended up. >> it was discovered by a collector many years later. took the paint off. realized it was the piano from the movie. the piano is a revelation when you see it like this. in the movie, it's black and white. and here you can see, actually, it was highly painted. >> reporter: now, 70 years after sharing that scene, the piano on the auction block. >> i stand here imagining bogart and bergman, and the glasses of champagne. wilson seated there on the bench. and bogart looking at bergman and saying --
5:58 pm
>> here's looking at you, kid. ♪ >> the auction of that comes up next week. that's the broadcast for a saturday night. "good morning america" first thing in the morning. on this first night of hanukkah, happy hanukkah to many of you out there marking the night. good night. >> next at 6:00, breaking news. a fatal shooting in oakland. plus relief in sacramento. hostages freed after a four-hour standoff at a fast food restaurant. >> they're known for their bell ringers and buckets. now one group twheantsz salvation army out. >> ama: one person is dead after a shooting near jack london
5:59 pm
square in oakland. john alston is live on the scene with the latest. reporter: third street has been blocked off between broadway and franklin since 3:00 this afternoon as detectives investigate and wait for the coroner to arrive on the scene. now, at 2:45 this afternoon oakland pd started getting several 9-1-1 calls about a shooting. police headquarters is only four blocks away and officers happened to be in the middle of roll call so they got over here quickly. they found a body of a man in his 20 tuesday in th third street in an area where there are restaurants and produce houses on the edge of jack london square. police believe the killer fired the shots and then escaped in a car. they do not believe this was a drive-by shooting, nor do the think it was random. residents heard what they thought were those gunshots. >> i was saying, whoa that noise we heard could


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